Encoding fixed length high cardinality non-numeric columns for a ML algorithm

Figure 1: An simple road network represented as a Graph, where points of interest are nodes and roads connecting them are edges is shown on the left. The corresponding adjacency matrix is shown on the right
from sklearn.cluster import KMeans
import numpy as np
X = np.array([
[0, 1, 0],
[0, 0, 1],
[1, 1, 0]
kmeans = KMeans(n_clusters=2, random_state=0).fit(X)
Figure 2: Sample tabular data which is used as a running example in this article
Figure 3: One-hot encoded browser column results in additional columns equal to its cardinality

Bucketing or Hashing

Figure 3: Hashing IPv4 Addresses into fixed number of buckets

Character Encodings

Figure 4: Expanding IPv4 Address to fixed 12 characters long by padding each section of it with zero(s). Also showing the cardinality of each character which is at most 10
def transform_ip(ip):
If IPv4, equalizes each group and left zero pads to match IPv6 length
If IPv6, converts all to lower case
IPV4_GROUP_LENGTH = 3 # each group in IPv4 is of this length
if len(ip) < IPV6_LENGTH:
# IPv4 address
groups = ip.split( "." )
equalize_group_length = "".join( map( lambda group: group.zfill(3), groups ))
left_pad_with_zeros = list( equalize_group_length ).zfill( IPV6_LENGTH )
return left_pad_with_zeros
return list(ip.lower())
from sklearn.preprocessing import CategoricalEncoderdef one_hot_ip(df):
Converts the ipAddress column of pandas DataFrame df, to one-hot
Also returns the encoder used
enc = CategoricalEncoder()
ip_df = df.ipAddress.apply( lambda ip: transform_ip(ip) ).apply( pd.Series ) # creates separate columns for each char in IP
X_ip = enc.fit_transform( ip_df ).toarray()
return X_ip, enc
pip install git+git://github.com/scikit-learn/scikit-learn.git


Figure 5: Neural Network architecture showing the training process of Embeddings for IP Addresses. Click here to see a bigger picture.


Comparison of Character One-Hot Encoding with Embedding + Hashing encoding schemes. Shows when each technique works the best



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